Chefville Cheat Tool – May 2013

Chefville Cheat Tool

Chefville Cheat Tool v1.01b

ChefVille casts players in the role of a new restaurant owner in a small local community. The game begins with players designing their avatar — which may be male or female, and then introduces the various core concepts of play. The player’s time in ChefVille will be split roughly equally between finding ingredients and using them to cook various dishes. Each dish requires a specific combination of ingredients. Once ingredients have been found, the player must use an appropriate item of kitchen equipment to create the dish. Once the dish has been prepared, the player earns points towards “mastery stars” for the dish, and it is served onto one of the restaurant counters. There are also many resources to collect like hearts and recommendations and now with our chefville hack tool you can get them all for free. Free chefville stuff, seems to be very sweet so that’s why we give you this ultimate chefville money generator, and also it can give you free coins free hearts and free recommendations. However this chefville hack 2013 is in 100% working condition because, people use it with care not to be discovered by zynga. Which can happen if you use it over and over again in a short period of time.

There are many cheats for chefville on fb which are not working because of this. In order to use it properly you need to understand it how it works. First the chefville trainer logs on to cheville server and using the account you provided adds the free chefville stuff into the account. If everything is entered correctly then you need to close the chefville hack tool and open the fb account to receive the resources you’ve added. Just remember to use this chefville money hack toll with care and enjoy your free chefville stuff.

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  1. brandi

    i wanted a cheffville cheat and I downloaded a hack for farmville2 cuz I play farmville too horray!


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