The Sims Social Cheat 2013

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The Sims Social is very interesting game which can be played on facebook. The game is based on the PC game series Sims and they both have a lot in common. First of all there is the pleasure meter which corresponds to every daily need that a person has. Second, of course, is the sims social simoleons. They represent the sims social money value, with which you can buy furniture, clothes and any kind of stuffs. Simoleons are earned by completing quests, gaining new levels, or by receiving the sims social gifts. The sims social cheat allows you to generate how many simoleons you want. Another “resource” at the sims social are the sims social points. They are gained by talking with other sims, your neighbors, or by again, gained from quests and free gifts, sent by your neighbors. They have almost the same function as the simoleons, but different in other way. You can buy only the stuff which can be bought with the social points. The sims social cheat, also covers this problem, as it is allowed to be generated. The most important consumable resource is the sims social simcash. With them you can do almost everything, from buying stuff, fulfilling pleasure meter, refilling energy, gaining loot items. They are most needed in the sims social game on facebook. The only problem is, that they can’t be earned or gained from the sims social quests, gifts, or any other way but buying them with real money, real cash. The sims social cheat is a tool which covers these three most needed resources in game, Simoleons, Social Points and SimCash. You can generate them whenever you want, how much you want. It is easy to use and is of a big use to me. With the sims social cheat, I would be still far behind my friends which started to play the game earlier than me and were far before me in level.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to use the sims social cheat tool.

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